Introducing Experience Poland Tours

Small group tailored artisan tours exploring the rich traditions of Poland.

Immerse yourself in the cultural hub of Europe, Poland. Explore its rich culture, textiles and artisan traditions. Be part of a unique experience where your artistic and creative passion takes you on journey as never before.

Experience Poland offers a boutique travel experience like no other. You are guaranteed to have no more than 7 people, plus your guide on any tour. Where possible each tour is tailored to the interests of participants.

You will visit heritage listed sites, culturally significant locations, creative hubs, artist’s studios and homes of local residents, on an inspirational 16 day adventure. Tours are suitable for solo women travellers, as well as couples and small groups wanting more than the standard tourist fare.

Past participants have said:

“Nothing was too much trouble for our vibrant host Jolanta. Her energy and passion for her country was infectious. Top class hotels, food, transport, workshops, galleries, shopping opportunities left no stone unturned and gave a tempting taste and desire for return visits. I could not recommend this tour highly enough.”

Meet textile artists, artisans, designers, craftsmen and those leading the country’s creative edge and get involved in creating one off, unique objects of art.

Find yourself in historical Kraków, the centre of Poland’s cultural and vibrant artistic community. Explore culturally rich parts of Warszawa and find unique hand-made treasures created with passion and love by those who are totally committed to the tradition of hand making objects.

Knitted Textile

Discover rich textures of natural fibres, the patterns and products still made in the tradition manner by the local artistic community striving to keep the old ways alive.

Visit the home of International Textile Miniatures, Museum of City of Gdynia, and see this unique collection in its full glory. Explore Poland’s textile hub in Łódz, Central Museum of Textiles’ impressive collection and get a taste for its industrial past.

It is not all about art! Explore fresh food markets and local dishes to really enjoy the full flavours. Experience the small pleasures and take part in the “slow food” movement celebrating local flavours and regional foods.

Rest in the world class hot water natural springs or join locals enjoying the health benefits of a salt room facilities or unique clay bath.

Fulfil your senses, charge yourself with creative ideas and concepts, immerse in a life of Polish culture

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